Team Green Britain backs Bike Week

February 18, 2010

Team Green Britain has joined forces with Bike Week, the biggest cycling event in the UK, to create Team Green Britain Bike Week 2010.

Running from 19-27 June, Team Green Britain Bike Week aims to show how cycling can easily be part of everyday life. It’s a great opportunity to promote cycling as an everyday, healthy and practical lifestyle choice that can help the planet too.

By working together, we aim to make this year’s Team Green Britain Bike Week the biggest yet – encouraging half a million people to join in events, rethink their everyday journeys and switch to cycling as the most convenient way to get around.

Already Team Green Britain’s support has made a difference, enabling the funding of 13 workshops for event organisers, as well as new event organiser guides. Plus, in a new feature for 2010, Team Green Britain event sustainability consultant and professional ironman triathlete, Toby Radcliffe, will provide expert advice on how to minimise the environmental impact of your Bike Week event.

To find out how you could get involved today, visit

Make your choice

December 2, 2009

Over the next few weeks in Copenhagen, world leaders will meet to agree a framework to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, to slow climate change.

We’re right behind those efforts. But we can’t just rely on politicians to change the world for us. We all have to choose to get involved.

We know it’s not easy being green. We’re living a lifestyle that’s hard to change. But our collective efforts can have an impact.

That’s what Team Green Britain’s all about.

A chance to show the world by 2012 what a prosperous, low carbon future looks like. And make Britain a greener, better place.

Join the movement that’s inspiring the world to change. Join Team Green Britain today.

See what happened on the first Green Britain Day

December 1, 2009

On Friday 10 July, thousands of people across the country got together to show the nation’s commitment to fighting climate change. And they had a lot of fun doing it.

Over 800 schools were involved, and with support across political parties and the Mayor of London, a great day was had by all. Here are just a few snapshots of the many events that took place.

Join the team

This was just the first Green Britain Day. So if you haven’t got involved yet, it’s not too late to join in.

Take a look at the teams >


Getting the kids on board

December 1, 2009

The next generation played their part on Green Britain Day

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Eleanor Simmonds gets creative

July 11, 2009

Paralympic hero, Eleanor Simmonds, and Liskeard schoolchildren get creative at the Eden Project

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Green fingers in Lewisham

July 15, 2009

Olympic cyclist, Victoria Pendleton and the Minister for Energy and Climate Change, show their green fingers

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The Eden Project rocks

August 26, 2009

Paul Weller and Florence and The Machine rock the Eden Project to round off Green Britain Day

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Swap Shops and Kermit the Frog

July 11, 2009

EDF Energy employees came together and did lots of green things for the team

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Hearts go green

July 11, 2009

On Green Britain Day, Hearts went green all around the country

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Support the Prince’s Rainforests Project

October 1, 2009

Team Green Britain is proud to support The Prince’s Rainforests Project, because it’s another way to help combat climate change. And you can support it too, by sending your Rainforest SOS.

Protecting tropical rainforests is an essential step in fighting climate change. Nearly a fifth of all man-made carbon dioxide emissions are caused by clearing and burning rainforests. Every day an area the size of London is destroyed.

Set up by HRH The Prince of Wales, the Project is calling for an emergency solution to save what’s left of the rainforest ‘lifebelt’.

The Project doesn’t need your time or money – just your name. Add it to the list to have your voice heard, and show the world you believe urgent action must be taken to save the rainforests. The more SOS messages collected, the more chance there is of them being heard by those who have the power to make change happen.

Send your Rainforest SOS now

And once you’ve sent it, you can get others to add their voice to the campaign. Just click “Grab This” below and share it via email, your blog or your social network of choice.


A special message from HRH The Prince of Wales

You can find out more in the message from HRH The Prince of Wales below.