Let's get together

Will you do something green for Team Green Britain?

Team Green Britain offers you the chance to get together - with friends, neighbours or complete strangers – and do something different for a greener Britain.

It's up to you how much or how little you do. But, as a team player, you'll know that you're part of a movement to reduce Britain's carbon footprint and help us all live more sustainable lives. And you could even save a bit of money.

It all kicked off on Green Britain Day

10 July 2009 was the first ever Green Britain Day, an opportunity to get together and do one simple green thing for the team.

Five teams currently make up Team Green Britain (with more on the way) and, once you've signed up, there will be lots of team activities to get involved with.

And it should be fun. The chaps and chapesses at the Eden Project have come up with lots of ideas that are a little bit out of the ordinary – from persuading your mates to turn off their TVs and come round to watch yours instead, to grabbing some neighbours and throwing together a great big lunch with local-grown food.

The important thing is to get together. So sign up now and help us make Team Green Britain really take off.

And don't forget. As a member of Team Green Britain, you'll also get exclusive access to London 2012 tickets, events... and more.

Make a start by looking at the teams on the right.

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