Save money. Send less to landfill. And have some fun.

What’s Team Swap?

Team Swap is about swapping your old stuff for someone else’s old stuff. Both of you end up with something you want, you both save money and you cut out the energy it takes to produce something new. At the same time, there’s less pressure on those landfill sites.

Just remember, if it’s usable, it’s swappable. That old coat you haven’t worn for two years may be just the hot ticket item your friend has been looking for. Spare pieces of furniture, unused toys – the stuff you don’t need any more can have a new lease of life.

What can we all do?

Go to a swap party or throw your own. It’s easy to do, and can be as big or small as you like. Text a couple of friends and invite them round. Or maybe organise one for your colleagues or, if you have kids, at their school. You could theme it by what you want to swap. Or make it a free-for-all, like a bring-and-buy sale – or rather, ‘give-and-take’.

Who’s behind Team Swap?

Team Swap is the baby of the fashionistas at Team Green Britain. Mind you, there’s more to it than just fashion. What’s not to like about getting rid of old stuff and getting something different in the process – for free? So we thought, let’s get everyone else to join in.

What do you get?

Team Swap really is about getting something for free, in more ways than one.

So sign up today and you could end up exchanging your old life for a brand-new, green one.



Why buy new when you can re-use?

Go for the quality look

Better clothes last longer and they're worth repairing.

Long live carpets and curtains

Think well ahead when you choose soft-furnishings

Keep jewellery special

Processing the precious stuff is really energy-intensive. So ration the bling.

Knit more and swap your cast-offs

Save money by making your own clothes

Stop buying, start saving

Do you really need it or could it wait?