Let’s all make our journeys more sustainable

What’s Team A to B?

Team A to B is about making as many of our journeys as green as possible. That means helping you to get where you want to go, while producing less carbon dioxide – whether you’re walking, cycling, driving or using a space hopper.

What can we all do?

Because so many of the journeys we make are less than two miles, why not start by making some of them on foot or by bike? Think of the benefits: you get a bit of exercise, you’re not stuck in traffic and you can stop to have a chat. We’re not saying ditch the car for ever – just suggesting that sometimes two legs (or two pedals) are better than four wheels.


What do you get?

Join Team A to B and we’ll send you advice on how you can change the way you travel to make it greener. It won’t be all cycle routes and walking boots. In the next few months, we’ll show you smarter driving tips that will save you petrol, and how sharing cars can save you money.

So sign up today. Who knows where it could take you?

Get from A to B via G(reen)

Share the shopping

Take it in turns with friends or neighbours

Stay close to home

You don't need to go the extra miles to have a great holiday

Take the walking bus

It's a greener way to get your kids to school

Take the eco-driving test

Changing the way you drive can save you fuel and money.

Don't be a lone driver

Car-sharing makes you friends and saves you money