Make yours a lean, green, energy-efficient home

What’s Team Energy?

Team Energy is about cutting the energy we use in our homes. That doesn’t mean denying ourselves the latest gizmos, it just means doing some simple, fun things together to become more energy-efficient. You could end up reducing your household’s carbon footprint by up to 20%. And save money too – as much as £166. †

What can we all do?

As a gentle warm up to get you started, how about inviting your friends and family around once a week to watch your favourite TV show? Just think of all those other sets switched off and the energy being saved. No remote-hogging, though.


Join Team Energy and you’ll get loads more ideas on how to save energy at home. Just try as many of them as you can. And if you’ve got your own ideas, we’d love you to tell the rest of the team about them.

Who’s behind Team Energy?

EDF Energy is supporting Team Energy. They’re the energy experts and know that the less energy we all use, the less CO2 we produce which is believed to be one of the main causes of climate change. That’s why they’re doing what they can to cut down their own energy emissions as a company and to help their customers reduce the energy they use at home. While saving money at the same time.

What do you get?

Joining Team Energy costs nothing and you’ll be playing your part in making Britain one the greenest places on the planet.

As if that’s not exciting enough, as a member, you’ll also receive a regular email packed with ways to save energy and money, and the chance to take advantage of exclusive offers, enter some great competitions and win London 2012 prizes.

You don’t have to be an EDF Energy customer to join Team Energy. So sign up today, and become part of something that could change all our lives.

† We’ve based that saving on a typical EDF Energy customer who consumes a typical amount of energy, supplied on our standard tariffs, who’s reducing their household’s annual energy consumption by 20% through energy saving measures. ‘Typical consumption’ equals 3,300 kWh of electricity and 20,500 kWh of gas each year.

Even small things can make big changes

Think outside the box

A bit less TV means a lot more fun

Small is beautiful

Big TVs use more energy. Small LCDs use less.

Bulbs that grow into money

Low energy light bulbs are one bright idea that could save you cash

Switch off and relax

Give your appliances a well-earned break

One cup at a time

There's no need to fill the kettle to the max every time

Insulate to accumulate

It keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter and saves money