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What's your sustainable community project?

5 Dec 2011 12:50

Building on work started whilst working for my local council, I am working to raise levels of cycling in our community back to those we used to enjoy.

Cycling has many benefits: It's an economic and easy form of green transport, its huge impact on activity levels can reduce the risks (and costs) from long term serious health issues, and it's a valuable empowering life skill. Do you remember that first ride on a bike on your own?
Cycling can help re-equip people with practical skills.


What I'd spend the money on

19 Sep 2012 15:40

Thinking back to my last post (see below), if my project is deemed good enough it would be great to be able to fund more "trevors" in schools straight away. A 5-session Year-2 Learn to Ride course costs £100, so you can see how much difference a small amount of money makes to a project like mine….and your vote will make that difference.

I'd also be able to fund the start up of the second hand bike renovation project, publicising the bikes by taking a redundant shop unit in North Cheam; a very rundown area currently being rejuvenated. Initial overheads prevent projects like this getting started, so £10,000 will make a huge difference to something we already know works and that will eventually self fund: I've already trialed this successfully in partnership with Sutton Council.

Vote, and help me choose a brand name - I thought"Before & After" with the bikes on display showing the process of renovation…?

Noooo idea how many bolts £10k will buy for a £2m wind turbine (not that many…?) so please vote for me and together let's make a difference and help my project happen now.

Thanks so much for your support,


End of summer update

31 Aug 2012 18:33

Hi all Team Greener's, how's your summer going?

Interest in cycling has been HUGE this summer, and now we have the Paralympics: Their kit is just soooo cool, have you seen Alex Zanardi's race chair - wow!

Personally, I've never had such a busy summer, and if I had three of me I could run triple the courses planned for this September - I'm booked every day, splitting my time between six schools - I need more"trevors"right now…. to help run courses and build bikes.

I've got eight after school clubs booked, plus some work in a special needs school, enriching the curriculum. I'm also planning the start up of the second hand/bike recycling element of my project.

Looking forward to a busy autumn.

Lessons from the Games

12 Aug 2012 11:35

Life, they say, is all about what you put in, not what you take out, so I think my main theme to take away from our visit to the Olympic Park would be "investment", not just in money terms but in terms of time and people.


If you want to make changes in your own living space, then it's the same thing: investment. We need to make time in our busy lives to think about recycling and energy use. To think of one example, our local council has just delivered the 5 containers for our doorstep recycling scheme, and it's going to take time to get to grips with it!

We need to think about investing in home micro-generation schemes, insulation, better building design, and monitoring our own energy use more effectively.

What do we get back? Improved fitness and health (from more bike riding of course!) reduced costs, maybe a better standard of living, and most importantly, that feeling of wellbeing and involvement that comes from being a part of the bigger picture - we're in this together after all!

Good design matters

10 Aug 2012 14:38

What impressed me most about the Olympic Park was its overall design and ease of use, and the way the various different areas flowed and merged with each other. Good design influences the way people treat and use public spaces, so I'll be trying to champion good design when talking with my local council about shared space and cycle route design.

My project is all about encouraging a fit and healthy lifestyle through using your bike more, and getting more bikes into circulation by recycling old ones: I think our athletic successes in cycling, particularly Bradley's fantastic year, will certainly raise the profile for everyday bike use, and of course bring back the trend for sideburns - I'm growing my own (grey ones....!) now. Personally, I'll also be trying to get to grips with monitoring my own energy use and how best to make use of the solar power systems we've installed.

Visiting the Olympic Park

7 Aug 2012 11:03

The Olympic Park is simply an amazing place. It's not just an athletics stadium, but a whole complex that will really have an impact on the people living in the surrounding area.

The Park illustrates lots of great initiatives such as low-energy use buildings (the Velodrome), wind turbines, and energy measuring techniques. After the Games, there will be sustainable housing units as well. I was really impressed by the real-time energy monitoring systems. And how easy they were to use. You can see energy usage over various time periods, and coupled with home micro-energy generation, I think this is the way forward.

What is energy and how do we measure it? It's easy to monitor how much petrol or gas we use, but less easy to see how much energy is consumed by a TV or kettle. That's why these energy measuring techniques are so important - and something we can all use.

Trev's World of Cycling

10 Jul 2012 9:09

So, it's busy as ever in "Trev's World of Cycling". I'm currently running 8 after-school cycle clubs, with constant requests for more, so any extra funding will help expand the scheme and fund more instructors and clubs.

At present I'm also out every weekend running "Cycle Road Shows" at schools and community events; these prove very popular, and demonstrate the underlying fondness most people have for cycling.

The Olympic road race route at Box Hill has just been resurfaced (lovely smooooooth black tarmac), so I scared myself silly cycling down the "zig-zag" bends last weekend - I'll be watching the racing from Headley Heath Cricket pitch...where will you be?

Currently discussing bike recycling with Sutton Council, and hope to restart our trial "bike amnesty" scheme very soon, so watch this space.

As usual the "bike mechanics" bike (mine) is very unwell at present - he needs new cables and a bit of love, so that's next up today. Happy cycling!

Make compost while the rain pours

8 Jul 2012 11:06

Heat (and rain...!) help composters work harder, so if you've got one, time to dig it over and  use the compost produced - perhaps make some raised veggie beds, or use it on the allotments. If you're putting one in the garden, remember to place it in a sunny spot, not deep shade like we did!

Loving the heat exchanger

1 Jul 2012 8:00

Our current trial of a heat exchanger based central heating system is fab! Quiet, carbon neutral, uses no gas; only electrical power we've generated. In brief, it's a big fridge outside, using the waste heat that you always find at the back of a fridge to heat both house and hot water. I'll report back with more detail in later blogs.

Some summer energy-saving tips

10 Jun 2012 13:32

Summer is here (LOL!)... Sorry I got carried away there. And seasonal change can help reduce carbon and save cash.

Click the link for my top tips for making the most of summer to be more sustainable at home.

If you've got a solar hot water panel, adjust your other water-heating source (gas or electric) to work in tandem. Set it to come on just once, at about 5pm, when the sun has done its work. It's a good time to think about an efficient replacement stainless hot water cylinder. Far more efficient than copper cylinders, they can keep your water hot for over 24 hours. Remember to recycle your old cylinder (it's worth £30+ at current metal prices).

PV panels will be working most efficiently at this time of year, so remember to read your meter on a regular basis.

Re-adjust exterior light timers to fit with longer daylight hours, and maybe it's now time for those low energy blubs you've promised yourself... I love the LED ones; expensive, but great light quality, and they'll outlast me!

Building bikes

7 Jun 2012 16:35

My own cycle project, after 2 quiet months around Christmas, has taken off with a bang. I'm currently running 5 cycle after school clubs, with more planned, and (in association with Sutton Council) recently ran a 5 week cycle maintenance group at the Riverside Centre youth club. The boys were totally engrossed, and got to keep the bikes they built. Definitely worth another go!


Sutton have also been fortunate in obtaining a small amount of funding for some cycle events in schools linked to the Olympic build up, so we are currently planning everything from a bike stunt show, to trips to the '48 Olympic cycling venue at Herne Hill, and bike purchasing for the schools. I'm also running a series of community Saturday morning cycle shows (which have attracted a lot of interest), plus of course my input at Carew Manor, a special needs school.

Spring 2012

1 May 2012 9:36

Well, it's here, 2012, and so soon,! It's really exciting, with one of the biggest sporting events in the World just about to happen on our doorstep. We cycled to Box Hill for the "trial" Olympic cycle road race last year and it's given us a real taste for getting involved. Fantastic event, watching Mark "Cav" Cavendish complete 3 (which will become 9) laps of Box Hill in Surrey to win the test event, and so well organised.

A happy (re)cycling year to all….!

What's your sustainable community project?

5 Dec 2011 12:50

Building on work started whilst working for my local council, I am working to raise levels of cycling in our community back to those we used to enjoy.

Cycling has many benefits: It's an economic and easy form of green transport, its huge impact on activity levels can reduce the risks (and costs) from long term serious health issues, and it's a valuable empowering life skill. Do you remember that first ride on a bike on your own?
Cycling can help re-equip people with practical skills.

What's your Green Inspiration?

14 Nov 2011 13:00

My parents came from the wartime generation with a "make do and mend" approach to life that's been passed on to me. We did not have a great deal of spare cash when I was young - remember the sixpence money days? - and neither of my parents drove. Recent work with my local council on transport change has shown me how small changes build up to a big difference.

It's not so much about "fighting" climate change as living with it - you can't fight something that's happening now. We try to live as sustainably as possible, using a "one planet living" model, and demonstrate this that ethos to others. It helps that I'm practically minded, with a problem solving approach to life. Sometimes the most rewarding solution is the one you devise yourself. It's important to remember that saving energy is also about saving money - without some element of self interest initiating any change would be impossible, so why not have a go? We installed solar hot water over 12 years ago, with electric panels more recently.


About me

Trevor is a pioneer of solar energy, having installed solar panels on his house 15 years ago. He has won prestigious awards for promoting cycling as a low carbon form of transport in schools. Trevor has set up cycle clubs and even teaches people how to maintain their bikes in his local area. He has set up a community-based bike recycling project in partnership with the London Borough of Sutton.

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