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What you can do

It could be organizing an event, making simple changes around the home or trying new ways to travel: find lots of ideas for making a difference right here.

Vote for the Hero who’ll make the biggest difference

We think our low-carbon living Team Green Britain Heroes are shining examples of people already making an impact on sustainability across the UK. Find out more about their sustainability projects and vote for the Hero you think should be crowned Champion.

Green Products

Check out the latest products and offers: they’ll help you save money, cut your carbon footprint and make life a bit better while they’re at it.


Wouldn't it be nice if you had someone to help you keep your energy use in check and let you know how much you were spending? Meet EcoManager, our exclusive wireless appliance controller that does just that. Eco manager controls appliances remotely, turning equipment on and, more importantly, off at the touch of a button.

Shower Drop

Reduce your water footprint before breakfast with a little help from the Shower Drop. This nifty device reveals how much water you're using and tells you when you've hit the 35 litre mark. With the average shower using more than 65 litres of hot water, the shower drop could save you water and money, with a family of four saving up to £180. Morning routines have never been so green.

Dryer Balls

Give your tumble dryer a green makeover with these dryer balls, which allow faster drying of clothes by retaining heat from the dryer and transferring it onto the laundry. Dryer balls also work to soften fabrics, saving you money on fabric softener, and reduce creasing which means less energy and time spent ironing.

Radiator Panel

Did you know you could be losing up to 40 percent of the heat from your radiators to your walls? Put an end to lost heat instantly with a radiator panel. Fit one behind a radiator and feel the heat bounce back into the room. The panels couldn't be easier to fit and you can look forward to savings of up to £60 annually on your heating bills* (*Information sourced from ‘The Truth Behind Radiators (June 2005)' published by BSRIA Ltd)

Eco Kettle

This smart kettle allows you to boil the perfect amount of water each time, every time. How does it do it? Pressing the central button in the lid will release water from its central reservoir for precisely the number of cupfuls you need. Independent trials show that the eco kettle uses a third less energy than a normal kettle, according to the Energy Saving Trust, making it one of the best behaved appliances in the kitchen. Also available in chrome.