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Since the first Green Britain Day, we've been working to host events, share ideas, promote sustainability in communities and schools, and help our members cut their carbon footprints through ideas like the Low Carbon Rush Hour.


Creating a sustainable, low-carbon business can help to bring employees together, save money, even put more of a spring in your step on Monday morning. From the Low Carbon Rush Hour to simple, energy-saving tips, put sustainability at the heart of your business plan.

Sustainability in schools

EDF Energy’s Programme for Greener Schools is centred on the Pod, an online resource with lesson plans, activities and games to help teach pupils about environmental subjects such as energy, water, waste, transport and biodiversity. Since its launch in September 2008, the Pod has engaged over 4 million schoolchildren in more than 14,900 registered schools.

What we do

Since 2009, Team Green Britain has been bringing people together to share ideas, save money and help make life both greener and better. We’ve helped teachers to engage an estimated 5.5 million children in sustainable activities and energy-saving campaigns through the Pod, and we've helped neighbours all over the country to get to know each other a little better during the Big Lunch. We encourage schools, businesses and communities to celebrate their green achievements and motivate others to get involved. And we help by sharing ideas, advice and energy-saving offers with our members. If you have an idea to make life better then we can help to ensure that others hear it.

The story so far



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Low Carbon Rush Hour

Where: Across the UK

When: July 2011

Olympic and Paralympic gold medalists Ellie Simmonds, Tim Brabants and Victoria Pendleton joined forces to persuade the country to embrace healthy, low-carbon ways of getting to work.

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The first Green Britain Day

Where: United Kingdom

When: July 10, 2009

Communities, schools and businesses came together to ‘do something green for the team’ and reduce the country’s carbon footprint.

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Cycling to work

Encouraging employees to cycle to work doesn't just help to cut carbon emissions. It can help to bring your team together and boost their energy levels.

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Hold a Big Lunch

Your business is a community too - and holding a Big Lunch can help to bring your community together. Here we explain just some of the bottom-line benefits - and we've got some great ideas for organising your Big Lunch.

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Switch Off Fortnight

Where: Nationwide

When: Every year

The opportunity to keep the older generation on their toes has made Switch Off Fortnight hugely popular, with more than 3,700 schools downloading resources for the campaign.

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Southwold Primary School

Ageing school buildings don’t have to mean wasted energy. With a little help from EDF Energy and Team Green Britain, Southwold Primary School is working to cut its carbon footprint.

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Read more about our Team Green Britain Heroes and their efforts to inspire sustainable living in communities across the country.