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Your business is a community too - and holding a Big Lunch can help to bring your community together. Here we explain just some of the bottom-line benefits - and we've got some great ideas for organising your Big Lunch.

The Big Lunch - Get behind the community spirit and see your business grow

Join forces with your colleagues, co-workers, bosses and business suppliers for a one-day get-together on Sunday 5 June 2011. Yes, we know it's not typically a working day - that's the point!

Why a Big Lunch is good for business

• It's a great way to attract more customers or a new audience

• It raises awareness of your business and its community activity.

• It boosts the socially responsible image of your business - especially if your Big Lunch involves fundraising for charity.

Here are some pointers to get you started. The best tip? Remember to delegate tasks to others. All good organisers do this. It keeps them sane!

•   Stir up interest

Hook up with your co-workers, plus other colleagues that you half-know, and get them all fired up. Make sure everyone in your workplace knows what's happening and when.

•   Organise a kitty

Appoint a treasurer, who's good with money. You won't need much. But remember The Big lunch is all about thrift, wit and home-made ingenuity.

•   Prepare for rain

Yes, it's been known to. So it's always best to have a back-up plan, just in case the great outdoors isn't so great on the day.

•   Involve everyone

There are sure to be many different people of all ages and from many different walks of life in your business. Get them all involved and you can't go wrong.

•   Mash up the menu

The more cultures you have within your business, the more cuisines you all get to try. and don't forget the veggie choices. ask people to label their dishes with ingredients so anyone with allergies knows what's what.

•   Mix up the entertainment

The more diverse the activities, the better your Big lunch will be. Snap up any in-house bands and comedians. Find colleagues who are great at art and decoration. Get someone to take charge of devising quizzes and games; another to head up a baking team.

•   Record the day

Make sure there's someone on hand to take photos - or even make a short film - throughout the day. Upload pictures and stories here





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