Get to grips with your carbon footprint

What is an EcoTeam?

We all want to do something for the environment but where do we start and how do we keep it up?

EcoTeams are groups of people – neighbours, friends, work colleagues – who work together to make positive changes; from minimising the energy they use to cutting down on the stuff they throw away.

With the support of a trained team leader, team members agree their own goals and how to achieve them. And, at the end of the exercise, they can measure how their actions have benefitted both the environment and their pockets.


What can we all do?

EcoTeams are for everyone, whatever you already do to be green. Sign up now and we’ll tell you how to start your own team, train to become a team leader or find a team to join. We also run regular information sessions to keep you updated.

Why’s it a good idea?

EcoTeams really work. The changes they bring about not only help the environment, they save money too. The average household with an EcoTeam member reduces waste by up to 20%, cuts CO2 emissions by up to 16% and water use by up to 15%. That could add up to an average saving on energy and water costs alone, of a very useful £170 a year.

Who’s behind EcoTeams?

EcoTeams are a great idea from Global Action Plan, an independent environmental charity that’s been nurturing teams throughout the UK for 15 years. Now they’re joining up with Team Green Britain to build on the grassroots revolution they began. .

So sign up today and discover just how easy it can be to lead a greener life.

Get green at home

Stuff the packaging

Don't buy products with unnecessary wrapping

Get a little veggie

Eat less meat, especially beef. It comes with a big carbon hoofprint

Cool it

Two degrees down on the thermostat makes all the difference

Love your laundry

Always wait for a full load and use the clothesline not the drier

Reuse not refuse

It's amazing what isn't rubbish