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Revenge of the Electric CarPrint

Date & time: 5 September 2012

EDF Energy's Electric Vehicle team are passionate about the role that this revolution in personal transport can play in cutting carbon emissions. EV Product Manager Martin Elliott introduces a unique documentary film that shares that passion.

Revenge of the Electric Car sounds like the title of a horror movie in which an electric powered car gets possessed by demons and goes on a murderous rampage. However, in reality, far from harming people, electric vehicles could actually be the saviour of mankind by greatly reducing the amount of air pollution that our transport currently generates.


Working for the Electric Vehicle team within EDF Energy and having a passion for cars, I was really excited when I came across details of this documentary on the internet (


The film gives a behind the scenes look into three of the major players in the electric vehicle revolution (GM, Nissan, Tesla), and also looks at an independent who converts existing vehicles from petrol/diesel to electric power. This includes a beautiful classic Porsche Speedster, which thankfully survives a mysterious fire at the workshop (the devastation caused by the fire is documented in the film).


I was fascinated to hear about the financial problems that Tesla experienced and how close they came to collapse. The cameras were present at heated board meetings and at meetings with customers, capturing the tension of the situation. Knowing what an inspirational brand they are now, it is incredible to see what a struggle they had to go through to reach that position. I'm so glad they made it through to bring us the elegant, stylish Model S, a car that shows the world that electric powered cars can be highly desirable.


It was encouraging to see how much emphasis Nissan are placing on electric power, and to see the focus and drive of their leader. They are really keen to lead the way in bringing this technology to the market and making it affordable for the masses.


It was also great to see Danny DeVito showing his support for electric vehicles, and hear his positive comments on the new Chevrolet Volt.


Overall this is a truly motivating documentary and a must see for anyone with an interest in automotive. The message is clear that electric power is a realistic proposition and can be applied to pretty much any vehicle from a five seat family car, to a lightening quick supercar.


Having driven a number of electric vehicles and experienced the instant torque and ease of driving, I am certainly in support of the message that now is the time for them to take their revenge (quietly, of course!)