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Location: Cornwall

Katy Davidson shakes her head as she recounts an anecdote told to her by a friend who works on the pizza counter in a supermarket. “This young guy came in and, picking up a pizza wrapped in plastic, asked her: ‘So, will this just dissolve when I cook it?’ It terrifies me how alienated people are from their food!”

Which is precisely why Katy, 34, founded the award-winning Youth Food Movement (YFM) - a network run for and by young people, striving to connect them to food culture. "We aim to do it through pleasure," she explains, "We focus on the positives to achieve our goal of bringing better, cleaner and fairer food to our tables."

The inspiration behind YFM, the youth branch of the Slow Food Movement, comes partly from Katy's dad, a restauranteur who sourced all his produce from local farms. "There was always home-made wine fermenting by the fire, bread being baked or yoghurt cultivating in the airing cupboard." Katy channels her passion through YFM like "skillshare", where young guests mingle to swap tips on anything from butter churning to oyster shucking. "It's a fun way to get the kids asking questions about where their food comes from and that creates a ripple effect."

Such a focus on sharing and support drew Katy naturally to Team Green Britain. "The hardest thing," she says, "can be to think, 'Ooh, I could never do that', but when you see the other ordinary people who have - you realise that you can."


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