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Saving energy means saving money. Get 10 simple ideas for doing both here.

Saving energy, saving money

Starting to be more energy efficient in the workplace is really just as easy as it is at home. It will simply see you making changes - and cost savings - on a bigger scale. Here's how to start saving now.

10 quick tips for saving energy at work

  1. Measure how much energy your business is currently using by taking regular weekly meter readings. This makes it easier to see when improvements are working, and how much you are saving.
  2. Elect someone to be the Energy Champion of your organisation, so they can allocate staff certain responsibilities, such as making sure lights are switched off when everyone goes home.
  3. Involve your staff. Encourage them to help you to work out an action plan for making your business more energy efficient and therefore more competitive.
  4. Continually monitor your progress to keep yourself and others motivated.
  5. Use low energy light bulbs and replace standard fluorescent tubes with slimline tubes.
  6. Install movement detectors to control lighting in areas not in constant or frequent use, such as toilets and meeting rooms.
  7. Use time switches to regulate use of heating and lighting, and use thermostats to control temperatures. Cool heads are more productive.
  8. Install draught-proofing around windows and doors to reduce heat loss and wasted energy costs.
  9. Don't leave electrical equipment, such as computers and photocopiers, switched on or on standby mode for long periods when not in use. This saves a surprising amount of energy.
  10. Take a regular energy walk around your premises to identify potential further savings and take the opportunity to continue to involve colleagues and raise awareness generally of the benefits of becoming a more energy efficient business.

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