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Team Green Britain

Team Green Britain is a million-strong community that brings people together to share ideas for sustainable living. In 2011 we chose ten of them, each running their own community project, to give our members ideas on how to make a real difference to the environment. Physical casinos were a threat to the environment indirectly. However, online casinos have become more environment-friendly as no physical space is required. Gamblers may visit to find online casinos without restrictions.

Over the last eight weeks, our Team Green Britain members have been voting for the person and project that’s inspired them the most. The one they think will leave a lasting legacy. The one who deserves £10,000 towards their project.

The votes are all in. The counting’s done. And we’re delighted to announce we have a winner. Drum roll please… Congratulations to Paul: your new Team Green Britain Champion.

What we do

Our goal is to inspire our members and their communities to do everyday things better. We do this through our Team Green Britain Heroes, who are a great source of ideas and inspiration for their communities. And we work in partnership with the Pod, EDF Energy’s Programme for Greener Schools, which has engaged over 4 million schoolchildren with sustainability through the Pod website.

Who is Team Green Britain?

Team Green Britain was founded by EDF Energy, the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity, and London 2012. We provide a platform for our members to share carbon-cutting and money-saving ideas, and help people like our Team Green Heroes inspire communities to become more sustainable.

What you can do

We want you on our team. We believe that by trying new ways of doing things you’ll not only help to cut the UK’s CO2 emissions but also have fun.